Butterfly First Aid – Kids and Adults First Aid

Little First Aider 2.5 Hour Courses and 2-3 Hour Parties

Our action packed courses/Parties are a hit with children and Adults alike.

Children learn life saving topics such as Choking, CPR, Recovery and Asthma. The key is repetition and the course is made fun through out.
Your children will, role play, use fake blood, badanges, manikins and lots of equipment.
This is a totally fun course and due to the very practical nature children retain lots of the information. Watch our video!

Course also includes: Quiz, Parents Show, Full Musical Certificate Awards Ceremony.

Watch our Little First Aiders In Action -WOW

Wounds and bleeding

First Aiders dealing with emergency

Recovery Position

Rescue Breaths – CPR



Using an AED

Little First Aiders to the Rescue

Choking Vest

Sling by an 8 year old

5 Year Old CPR

More Sling Work

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