Butterfly First Aid – Kids and Adults First Aid

Your children will all graduate and become Mini Medics at the end of this course. The will learn how to carryout CPR, Administer the recovery position and know when to contact the emergency services.

Although this course has a funfactor of 10 it still focuses on the important lessons and the children, even the youngest ones remember what they have learnt. Many parents call me to tell us that their children have shown them what they have learnt and how much information they have actually retained from the course.

Many also say that the children start wanting to exploring a medical career as an option. Our course is different to others out there as at Butterfly first aid we use all the latest equipment, manikins, choking vests etc. We make the children role play what they have learnt and use fake blood to mimic real injuries.

The course is aimed at children aged 4 – 13 years. Children get to use a Training Defibrillator and administer a pretend electric shock. They take it in turns to be paramedics using uniforms and flashing lights together with first aid kits. So Much Fun and so many complaints that the time is moving too quickly. Parents – You get to attend the Real life simulated graduation ceremony, there is certificates for all children. Children love the course and the feedback has been amazing. The course Instils the importance of helping someone who is poorly or injured. Be warned your children will love and adore this course!

Mini Medics teaches children how to save a life in case of emergency, children work through a colourful workbook and get involved in the interactive sessions. At the end of the course children will have covered the following topics:

Course Topics 

  Defibrillation • First Aid kits
• Recovery position • Choking
• Resuscitation (CPR) • DR ABC
• Wounds and bleeding • Asthma
• Shock • Safety
• Communication and contacting the emergency services

All children will be issued with a certificate of achievement for attending the course.

Courses currently running in: Dulwich, Blackheath, Couch End, Wanstead and Wimbledon

All instructors are DBS checked and fully OFQUAL registered.

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