Baby & Me – Parents First Aid – KINGS CROSS – 15 NOV 10.30-11.30 AM (Copy)


1 hour Choking and First Aid workshop for new and expecting parents.
Wounds & Bleeding

The Peel at Three Corners
Three Corners Centre
Northampton London


We train hundreds of parents each year and it is most rewarding when we receive that call to say that this course saved a child’s life. It can be scary being responsible for a young child, our bitesize course provides the basics of what is needed to act in an emergency to save your child. We cover the following:

Choking, Asthma, Meningitis, Seizures in Babies and Children Dealing with Unresponsive baby or child CPR Recovery Position

Our course is extremely popular amongst parents and grandparents and this bitesize course provides the basics needed for the more common situations. Bring your partner or grandparents along also as this course is invaluable and provides an air of confidence to all who attend. The course is very practical, we use manikins and other equipment to aid your learning. Limited spaces available.



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